Sales Enablement Tools and Resources

The ATD Sales Enablement community is always creating, curating, and sharing tools and resources that will help you be successful. At this year’s SELL Conference, you’ll add your voice and ideas to the conversation as we all contribute to expanding access to valuable content and materials that we can use to advance individual and organizational goals.

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The Guide to Effective Sales Coaching

Effective sales are critical to the success of a business.To improve performance among sales representatives or to help attain sales goals, coaching is used frequently to help sales reps define their sales goals and create action plans to attain those goals.

Free eBook: 5 Ways to Increase User Adoption of Sales Technology

According to SugarCRM, 80 percent of companies spend at least $1,000 on technology annually per sales rep to equip them with right tools to effectively do their jobs, which means user adoption is crucial. Download this free ebook for tips and tools on increasing user adoption.



Sales Kickoff Planning Checklist 

Use this handy checklist to help you stay on schedule and apply best practices for your own sales kickoff!

Sales Kickoff Planning Checklist

Case Study

SAP Case Study: Data-Driven Sales Coaching

Read how the SAP software company developed a Data-Driven Coaching program and the successful results that occured.