As we gear up for SELL 2020, our ATD Sales Enablement community of practice is committed to creating, curating, and sharing tools and resources that will help you be successful now in your role. At this year’s SELL event, you’ll add your voice and ideas to the conversation as we all contribute to expanding access to valuable content and materials that we can use to advance individual and organizational goals.


Guide to High-Value Kickoff Meetings

Kickoffs are costly. When planning the agenda, ask, "What must we tackle with salespeople in the room, and what are the nice-to-haves that can occur another time?

Guide to High-Value Kickoff Meetings


Sales Kickoff Planning Checklist 

Use this handy checklist to help you stay on schedule and apply best practices for your own sales kickoff!

Sales Kickoff Planning Checklist

Case Study

SAP Case Study: Data-Driven Sales Coaching

Read how the SAP software company developed a Data-Driven Coaching program and the successful results that occured.

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    Did you know Google keyword queries for "sales training videos," "best sales videos on YouTube," "sales videos for success," and "phone sales training videos" are up 350 percent since last year? If leaders are providing the tools and resources, why ...
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    After you have hired the right salespeople, the only thing more costly than training them well is the possibility they will sell in an ineffective manner. Reps will spend their first two to three months learning in a classroom or ...
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    How many times a week do you hear the phrase, “I’ll google it?” Instead of breaking out a textbook or heading to the library when we don’t have the answer, we usually find what we need online within minutes. It’s ...
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    Sales onboarding remains one of the most talked about topics in sales enablement. Yet, for all the programs and approaches discussed in recent years, I haven’t heard much that moves the needle on the metrics that matter most. To be ...