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How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Virtual Selling

During recent months the selling industry has experienced a rapid shift toward virtual selling. This shift arose from practical needs related to the global pandemic and the benefits associated with frequently and immediately engaging customers over virtual media. Read More

Effective Virtual Selling Rises Above Visual Appeal

Virtual selling requires a higher level of communication, and the most effective communication consists of strong form and substance. Form is the way in which the material is presented; it is the medium. Substance is the dialogue. To be effective, sales professionals need to consider both. Read More

Now Is the Time to Double-Down on Sales Training

Due to the pandemic, sales organizations—and sales enablement teams, specifically—have been navigating a world where requirements and expectations have shifted (in many cases, more than once). With so much change going on, setting the right priorities is key. Here are two reasons why sales training should be at the top of the list. Read More

Online Learning Takes Over...Seriously?

March 2020 threw companies and the training industry for a loop. No more flights? No more in-room gatherings? Everyone asked the same question: “How can we continue to train our sales teams, especially when we want to use the lockdown to upskill our learners?” Read More

10 Signs That Your New Frontline Managers Need Training

When new managers are hired they are being given the opportunity to lead, supervise, mentor, and motivate others, and their ability to do so makes a huge impact on your company’s success. But too often first-time managers are thrown into their new roles with little to no management training. Read More

Virtual Sales Training: 3 Keys To Success

Sales teams across countless industries have transitioned more of their sales training into virtual formats. Whether it’s new hire onboarding or continuous skill development, virtual training offers organizations flexibility and significant cost savings compared with traditional classroom training. Read More

4 Ways to Help Your Sales Team Connect With Remote Prospects

If there is one thing I’ve learned during my career, it’s that salespeople cannot succeed without a strong, agile sales enablement team behind them. Read More

The Three Traps of Selling Virtually

As a byproduct of the pandemic, virtual selling is commonplace, and it’s significantly affecting customers’ and salespeople’s interactions. While the fundamentals are the same in a virtual setting, the dynamics are different, and many salespeople—rookie and veteran alike—have struggled to adapt. Read More

Why Sales Training and Coaching Are Needed

Olympic athletes train for hours, conditioning their minds and bodies to achieve peak performance. But this physical training alone is not enough. To reach their full potential, athletes need ongoing coaching. From correcting their form to optimizing their training program, sports coaches play an indisputable role in athletes’ successes. Read More

5 Ways to Be an Effective Sales Manager

Sales managers tend to be hands-on people. With so much responsibility on their shoulders— from ensuring their team members are meeting quota to supporting, encouraging, and coaching reps—they may need to be in the center of the action. Read More

What Tiger Woods and Your Top Sales Reps Have in Common

What does Tiger Woods have in common with your top sales reps? They both need ongoing coaching to stay at the top of their games. Read More

Upgrade Your Sales Team With Lifelong Learners to Compete in a COVID-19 Economy

Every CEO and sales managers wants to have a high-performing sales team. To survive during the COVID-19-related recession and the upcoming new normal, it’s no longer a want. It’s a NEED. Read More

How Credibility Opens Buyers’ Doors for Sales Professionals

What defining characteristic should sales reps possess before buyers will pay attention to what they have to say? Credibility. Potential buyers quickly disqualify reps who lack credibility. Read More

Sales and Marketing Message Alignment: The Best Way to Reach Remote Teams

Long before the pandemic studies revealed the importance of sales and marketing alignment. Organizations that align their sales and marketing processes with the customers’ journeys have at least 17.9 percent higher win rates and 11.8 percent better quota attainment. Read More

How to Combine Performance Learning with Sales Training Programs

For any effective sales training program, performance learning should be the desired state. In terms of business outcomes, a company will receive significantly greater performance from their sales reps that have gone through a sales program that has outcomes as its focus. Read More

Help Your Team Overcome Sales Objections

Every salesperson will encounter hesitation from customers. What separates good from great salespeople is knowing how to handle objections. It’s up to sales leaders to ensure their teams know what sales objections are, how to overcome them, and how to avoid rejection. Read More