• Interactive Workshop: Supercharge Your Sales Results With Sales Coaching Excellence
    Sales coaching done well can make a significant improvement in the performance of your salesforce. But, as a sales enablement leader, how do you help your sales managers get the best results possible? This is where many coaching initiatives fall short and often why they don’t stick. The potential is huge, but many don’t know how to realize it.

    In this presentation, Mike Kunkle will share how to:
    • Use sales analytics to determine where to spend coaching time to get the biggest impact
    • Use a diagnostic model coupled with field observation to analyze the targeted performance gaps, validate root causes, and establish possible solutions
    • Determine the best solution - including the best-practice content and the right performance intervention (training, coaching, or something else)
    • Use simple field training and sales coaching models (with a special twist) to support their reps in achieving skill mastery
    • Establish a regular coaching cadence to help reps continue to develop skills and achieve their best possible results over time

    Speaker: Mike Kunkle
  • Networking and Continental Breakfast
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  • Welcome and Keynote with Roderick Jefferson
    The Art and Science of Stellar Sales Enablement Through Turbulent Times

    Enabling sales and marketing to work hand and glove breaks the complexity of the buying and selling process into practical ideas through scalable, repeatable, and measurable practices, which leads to decreased speed to revenue and increased productivity. Sales enablement can be difficult in the best of times. The challenges of navigating sales enablement through the pandemic have been nothing short of overwhelming. This is an opportunity for you to re-evaluate, reinvent, and establish new strategies to communicate, collaborate, and orchestrate with your teams, prospects, and clients in ways you never thought possible.

    During this session, you will learn how to:
    • Communicate a strategic vision to drive optimal performance.
    • Prepare your teams for the new normal of the virtual world.
    • Collaborate across the organization by building a sales and marketing hub and spoke model.
    • Orchestrate through turbulent times.

    Roderick Jefferson Bio

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  • Concurrent Sessions
    Enabling a World-Class Digital Sales Capability: Lessons From Microsoft
    The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a shift in customer buying behavior to predominantly online, with deals moving away from large meetings and client dinners to nearly 100 percent digital engagement. Ninety-two percent of buyers prefer remote interactions, and 50 percent of buyers choose the vendor who responds first. For Microsoft, this has meant turning on a dime to enable one of the most elite sales teams in the world to meet the future and become a world-class digital-first sales organization.

    In this unplugged session, learn about the peaks and valleys Microsoft encountered while shifting thousands of sellers and sales managers from a traditional sales approach emphasizing in-person interaction to digital engagement informed by marketing insights and AI-driven recommendations.

    During this session, you will learn:
    • The three-pronged, research-based change strategy Microsoft employed to meet challenges and changes.
    • How to drive digital-first behaviors in sales professionals.

    Speaker: Shannon de Rubens

    If You Want to Predict the Future, You Have to Do the Math: Becoming Conversationally Intelligent About Demographic Trends
    The demographic landscape in the United States is made up a series of waves that are about 20 years in duration. Business will rise and fall according to the critical mass of customers heading toward it—directly impacting your sales organization’s ability to deploy its revenue generation strategy.

    Demographers can accurately forecast markets, societal phenomena, and economics because they count people, not money or things. This crash course session will provide you with the information and insight required to be conversationally intelligent about demographics and ways to add this new perspective to your internal talent recruitment and enablement planning efforts.

    During this session, you will:
    • Hear real-life examples that make demography relevant to today’s culture, business climate, and economy.
    • Discover how demographics can help you execute your initiatives.

    Speaker: John Maketa
  • Concurrent Sessions
    Building an Effective Enablement Team: Hiring, Onboarding, and Coaching Enablers
    Many enablers enter the profession from various backgrounds. They often start as mighty teams of one, organizing chaos and driving outcomes— but what happens when your team grows? How do you successfully scale your function and ramp a team? How do you coach them to success? So much time is spent defining processes and competencies that drive results for go-to-market (GTM) teams, but what does that look like for enablement? Join this session to hear best practices, tips, and tricks about how to grow your team of enablers. Whether you’re just thinking about your first hire or leading a large enablement function, this session will help you drive consistent performance at any size or organization.

    During this session, you will:
    • Gain the tools to define the enablement skills you need.
    • Break down your enablement playbook.
    • Learn coaching activities you can implement immediately to get your team moving like an engine.

    Speaker: Ashton Williams

    The 70-20-10 Enablement Model: When the going gets tough the tough get creative in the flow of work!
    Traditional enablement relies on formal training with some coaching; however, it’s time to get more creative and support a 70-20-10 enablement model.

    Gartner’s 70-20-10 model fuels the success of ATD’s Talent Development Capability Model™ by creating a culture of blended and in-flow learning, building the personal capability of each employee by empowering them within their flow of work (70 percent), with mentors and coaches (20 percent), and through formal training (10 percent).

    In this session, you will:
    • Strategize how to flip your current sales enablement model to Gartner’s 70-20-10 model and guarantee the digital adoption of your tech stack.
    • Improve the digital dexterity of your salesforce by communicating, training, enabling, and evaluating your sales force within the flow of work for everything from onboarding to upskilling.
    • Brainstorm different solutions from the in-flow enablement playbook so you and your teams can be creative, do more with less, and scale your enablement program to orchestrate “techno-magical” performances from your entire revenue organization.

    Speaker: Steffaney Zohrabyan
  • Lunch and Learn
    An Agile, Data-Driven Approach to Coaching Pipeline Opportunities
    Selling and buying have changed dramatically. Sellers of all backgrounds need the support of a coach to help them manage pipelines and opportunities. A recent Harvard Business Review study found that companies that train sales managers to manage pipelines and opportunities saw revenue grow an average of nine percent faster than those that did not. However, most organizations do not have clear standards for reviewing sales opportunities in a consistent and effective fashion, which results in slower sales growth and more unpredictable revenues.

    In this session, you will learn:
    • An agile approach to coaching that aims to make the developmental process iterative, flexible, and dynamic.
    • The three essential elements of effective opportunity reviews.
    • How to use objective criteria based on observable buyer behavior to accurately determine opportunity status.

    Speaker: Tim Sullivan
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  • Concurrent Sessions
    Do more. Do Less. A Practitioner’s Guide to Enablement Prioritization
    It’s overwhelming to navigate the complex needs of the business and outline successful enablement plans to achieve the desired results before launching your next big initiative. Without rigorous prioritization, the enablement function remains reactive, supporting go-tomarket (GTM) teams’ whims versus focusing on topics that yield the highest impact. This session will introduce you to a proven strategic framework that marries expectations of learning levels with the field’s cognitive load consumption requirements.

    During this session, you will learn how to:
    • Operationalize the provided strategy.
    • Guide an executive prioritization conversation to ensure enablement is set up for success and aligned with achievable outcomes.

    Speaker: Whitney Sieck

    It’s Mission Critical: Driving Outcome Based Enablement
    At its core, sales enablement is about driving results. This can be a challenge—time, competing priorities, stakeholders, and everchanging selling conditions can get in the way of aligning your team to the right results, much less delivering on them. Join this session to become a mission-critical partner in driving relevant, actionable, measurable, and predictable enablement that achieves specific outcomes.

    During this session, you will:
    • Learn how to deliver outcome-based enablement.
    • Identify the right results for your team.

    Speaker: Micah Jacobson
  • Solution Sessions
    Bring the Human Touch Back to Digital Selling
    How skilled is your sales team at connecting on a human level with customers? The trend toward increased sales enablement is well intended and can play an important role for sales teams in today’s virtual selling environment. However, this can also overwhelm sales teams with too many technologies and tools. As a result, sales reps spend more time logging data or reciting product feature scripts than engaging in real-life conversations with customers.

    Join this session for practical insights and discussion on:
    • Why the key to sales isn’t the technologies you’re using but the human connections being made.
    • Three critical conversations that will help your sales team achieve their numbers every year.
    • Ways to address not just the “how” of selling, but also the “why”.
    • How to put a values and ethics approach front and cente.
    • Specific strategies for re-humanizing the sales process and gaining greater customer engagement.

    Speaker: Randall Leiker

    Enable Your Sales Managers with a Culture of Coaching
    Companies consistently invest time, money, and effort into training and enablement for their front-line sales team. However, these same companies rarely formalize methods and processes for developing their sales managers. Coaching, in particular, is one area where sales managers are often left to their own devices, leaving the crucial development of your sellers up in the air.

    In this session, you will learn:
    • Critical coaching strategies that can greatly improve manager-rep engagement, rep performance, and retention.
    • How to formalize sales coaching as a consistent, organization-wide skill set.
    • How your sales managers can build a coaching culture within their teams.

    Speaker: Doug Wyatt
  • Interactive Session
    Sales Enablement Community Conversations

    The best part of attending a conference is meeting new people and expanding your network with fresh perspectives. New for SELL, we’ve put together an opportunity to connect with other sales enablement professionals in a relaxed, comfortable setting. Our facilitated conversations allow you to join your peers in targeted discussions on specific topics. Get support on challenges, share expertise, exchange ideas, and create new relationships.

    Speaker: Dayna Williams
  • Afternoon Keynote with Jeff Cochran
    Negotiating Pricing Increases ... and Beyond
    People are under increasing pressure to quickly establish credibility, build lasting business relationships, and produce results. To address these challenges, they need specific habits and tools to impact the bottom line. Finding these tools and actually implementing them in the face of fierce competition is not easy. This session will introduce you to a systematic process that will allow participants to become more effective, efficient, and creative in their negotiations.

    In this session, you will learn:
    • A systematic process for negotiating
    • Four fundamental guidelines for improving negotiation performance
    • How to manage expectations and make trades

    Jeff Cochran Bio
  • Networking Reception
    Networking with other like-minded sales enablement practitioners can be one of the most valuable experiences you will have at the conference. Enjoy a drink with your peers before you head out to explore everything Los Angeles has to offer.

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  • Continental Breakfast
  • Sunrise Panel
    Measuring the Impact of Hybrid Sales Training: Making Every Dollar Count
    With the world of hybrid work evolving daily, companies are leveraging technology to deliver sales training to their remote teams. In some cases, the right balance between live and virtual training delivered results. But some companies overcompensated with online or selfpaced methods, falling short of the impact zone.

    Join this sunrise panel to explore how sales training is changing and how to measure and produce better learning outcomes.

    Over breakfast, you will learn:
    • How measurement (completion rates, satisfaction, business impact) has changed over the last two years.
    • How to create an engaging, collaborative training experience that will leave a lasting impact.
    • Real-life examples of sales training challenges and results.
    • The path to managing business outcomes (planning, resources, and reporting).

    Shannon de Rubens
    Ray Makela
    James Melcer

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  • Solution Sessions
    The Secret Ingredient Behind Top Sales Performers: Video-Based Practice and Coaching
    Did you know that organizations like Paychex, 3M, and Honeywell are creating top performers by incorporating video-based learning practices into their L&D strategies? Learners can sharpen pitches and validate their knowledge by documenting their video performance. This session will show you how learners can incorporate feedback from a mentor or even artificial intelligence based on keywords, eye contact, and more.

    In this session, you will:
    • Learn how video-based practice and coaching can accelerate sales training.
    • Gain an understanding of how video simulations are used to help sales enablement.
    • Learn how advances in AI are helping to scale video-based practice and coaching.

    Speaker: Micah Eppler

    The Proven Path To Becoming A High-Impact Enablement Leader
    How are you and your enablement team perceived at your company? How strategic are you to your sales and marketing leaders and your CEO? Have you earned a seat at the table? What are you doing today to boost sales effectiveness and sales efficiency?

    You’ll walk away with actionable insights into the tools and skills you need to assess and improve the health of your enablement investments.

    In this session, you will:
    • Assess your impact against sales performance industry benchmarks.
    • Align sales and marketing with buyer-centric enablement and content.
    • Correlate programs to sales performance data and buyer insights.
    • Share compelling enablement impact stories with proven ROI.

    Speaker: Elay Cohen
  • Concurrent Sessions
    Activating Content and Skills—One Behavior Change at a Time
    Many enablement practitioners are well versed in programs that involve activating content and skills that go beyond theory, incorporating activities such as pitch practice, prospecting into a real account, and coaching. While progress has improved program engagement, these approaches are still evolving. How many times have you heard someone say that “the enablement didn’t work” only to find that the program was a one-way broadcast that went on for hours? Or “I think my reps learned something, but they aren’t applying it with their customers. I’m not sure the time spent was valuable”

    Often, enablement efforts are wasted because the dots are never connected from what is being learned to the practical application of the day-to-day reality of selling. Activation, the force behind changing behavior, connects these dots. Join this session to learn how activation in enablement programs puts learning into action and drives growth

    During this session, you will:
    • Gain practical advice from one practitioner to another about creating successful programs.
    • Learn real-life strategies and tactics to adopt right away to activate your content and skills to change behavior.

    Speaker: Joel Fleet

    You can’t always be there: Impact performance while conserving resources by deploying sales managers and self-coaching frameworks
    It’s time to do more with less, but how? In this session, you’ll learn methods for engaging managers and sellers in a way that scales your team and your ability to impact your revenue organization’s growth and success. Not all managers are made equal, so standardized coaching frameworks help ensure all frontline sellers are on track. What’s more is that sellers can use coaching frameworks to selfcoach when a manager isn’t present, which creates new possibilities for development and performance improvement.

    During this session, you will learn how to:
    • Impact performance without breaking budget.
    • Support sales managers and leverage selfcoaching frameworks.

    Speaker: Stacey Unck
  • Eyes on 2023: Preparing to Optimize and Amplify
    As the ATD SELL conference winds down, this session will provide you with a time to be intentional about your planning. Join your peers as we walk through a series of interactive questions that will help you put together your own approach for optimizing and amplifying your sales enablement practice in 2023. Note: This is not a speaker presentation, it is an interactive planning session.

    Speaker: Dayna Williams
  • Closing Keynote with Britt Andreatta, PhD
    The Neuroscience of Purpose: Wired to Become 2.0
    The Great Resignation was born out of a confluence of factors. The threat of the pandemic, plus long hours to contemplate what matters, along with ongoing burnout, created a global clarification of values. Individuals identified their sense of purpose and what they wanted from their workplaces.

    Humans are wired for purpose, which is the driving force that gives our lives meaning. Recent discoveries in neuroscience offer a fascinating look into what motivates us to become our best selves. Sales organizations that know how to harness the power of purpose thrive and excel while their peers falter or fail. In this session, learn about the research behind the brain science of purpose and how it impacts people, organizations, and industries.

    Join this session to learn:
    • How to leverage purpose to create a better work environment, more engaged sales teams, more effective leaders, and a positive culture that attracts and retains top talent.
    • Tips and strategies for how to weave purpose into a wide range of learning and enablement programs, all of which will contribute to your organization’s success

    Britt Andreatta Bio
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