As a sales enablement professional, you understand the value of attending conferences to stay at the top of your game, but your manager may only see dollar signs and time away from the office. Use these handy tools to help build a case for your request, and to demonstrate the value of attending this conference to the sales organization that you support as well as the return on investment for your company.

Content and Insights Ready for Implementation

The SELL Conference has eight education sessions on day one, with specific focus on how to advance sales enablement within your organization. On day two, there will be a boot camp–style workshop where you will create an implementation plan for use immediately upon your return. Additionally, you will receive a digital toolkit full of insights and knowledge from the conference. This valuable resource can serve as an ongoing reference to share with others at your company.

Expertise, Innovation, and Internal Practitioner Focus

The SELL Conference programming strategy is focused on internal practitioners. Our speakers are also leveraging the very approaches and strategies that they will be teaching you. You’ll hear from industry professionals who will contribute next-level ideas and insights that will support innovation within your sales enablement practice.

Expand and Cultivate Your Sales Enablement Network

You’ll make new connections with other sales enablement peers who are facing similar challenges to yours, and learn from their experiences. By forming these connections, you will be able to develop a cohort with whom you can share ideas and feedback. This will be especially helpful for any issues you're currently facing.

Tools for Convincing Your Boss

Use the following tools to demonstrate the tangible benefits of attending the SELL Conference to your manager. These tools will show your manager that you’ve done your research, built your business case, and are serious about attending.

Manager Letter
Customize this letter to help your manager understand why the SELL Conference is one of the most cost-effective and valuable conferences for you.

Session Worksheet
Customize this worksheet to outline the sessions you will attend and detail how these sessions will help solve workplace challenges.

Expense Worksheet
Fill out this worksheet to approximate the financial investment required for you to attend.