What is ATD SELL?

As the breadth and depth of enablement continues to evolve, gather with your enablement peers and colleagues at ATD’s annual sales enablement conference, SELL, to collaborate, exchange ideas, and inspire new ways of thinking that will move your organization forward.

Enablement leaders are tasked with creating programs that drive revenue against the backdrop of constant change and outside forces. As their sphere of influence increases, enablement leaders will come together to discuss relevant current issues, prepare for the future of selling, and look at what’s ahead for enablement as a profession.

The topics and content will span several areas of expertise and competencies within the ATD World-Class Sales Competency Model.

Why Should I Attend?

  • Grow your network by making meaningful connections with others in the sales training and enablement field.
  • Engage in insightful discussions with thought leaders and internal practitioners.
  • Learn innovative approaches and strategies to take back to your team.
  • Learn about the latest trends and what the future looks like for enablement.
  • Receive resource guides post-conference that contain tangible session takeaways to apply back on the job.

Who Should Attend?

  • Sales enablement professionals who want to take enablement to the next level in their organization.
  • Sales trainers looking to formalize a sales enablement approach for their organization.
  • Learning leaders who want to gain organizational support for sales enablement and deliver ROI.
  • Anyone who supports sales teams to engage effectively with customers.
Anonymous SELL Attendee
"Karl Kapp and Mike Kunkle's sessions were especially good. Both had very good input and sparked ideas for me to put into practice back at my job."
Anonymous SELL Attendee
"I got the most value out of the structured networking during the application bootcamp. It was helpful to have specific topics to drive the conversation around what others are doing or not doing."
Anonymous SELL Attendee
"Don Schmidt and Andrew Sizelove were simply amazing! An outstanding presentation of a technical resource and practical application of it. "
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